1. Money Bags

From the recording Voodoo Shakedown

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Money Bags

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Tony Cerniglia
©2019 CubTone Music

I'm not a criminal, no I'm not to blame
I'm just a poor boy and I'm never coming back again.

She's not my honey, oh what a shame
She took the money and she's never coming back again, no she's never coming back again

Just around six o'clock, everything was going great, so great
Sipping wine all by myself, a knock on the door, hey it’s the sheriff
Then I heard somebody scream.

Hey mister money bags
They know it's you and they want you bad
Your gonna lose this time
If they find you

Hey mister money bags
You know you took it and they want it back
Your gonna do some time
They're gonna take your life.

Mister Money bags
Mister Money bags
Mister Money bags