All The Same

All The Same  
Tony Cerniglia & Cubby Tracy  
© 2019 CubTone Music  

Hail Mary what we going to do?  
The lights gone out on the avenue  
We've all lost what we could not lose  
Shame on me, shame on you  

Too many people going nowhere man, does anybody really care  

It's going to be such a big event  
Everyone will be there  
We can't ignore all the worldly advice  
We've been missing for all these years  

If you take our minds away, our hearts will follow  
If we let it all slip away, there will be no tomorrow,  
I know, you know, we know  

If we're going to change the world  
It will take every women every man  
The truth lies in what makes us different  
The secrets lies in what makes us all the same, all the same  

Hate never wins the argument  
It's the loudest voice in your ear  
We're all hiding behind each other  
Fueling the fire with fear