Only A fool

If I only knew what you were thinking 
It all weighs on my mind 
If I could find meaning in 
I could believe in your crime 

If it’s not true what you tell me 
How can I understand 
It seems so ridiculous 
Never revealing your plan 

2 steps backwards yet forward in time 
You keep crossing the line 
Fear as my witness, no joy I can find 
Only a fool believes lies 

What I hear can be so convincing 
I have my doubts it’s the truth 
Your always misleading us 
Always exceeding our trust 

The in between lies you got coming and going 
The accused will accuse you before you will know it 
How can you steal what’s all ready been stolen 
You’re calling it yours and you don’t even own it 
The truth always lies in the hands of the broken 
Believe what you read you can never control it 
The misspoken words have all ready been spoken 
How can you live with yourself if you wrote it