Pocketful of Miracles

I remember what my mother said
All you get in life is time
Stay on the right side of the law she said
And always walk a straight line 

I reached in my pocket with nothing else to lose
I found plenty searching for clues
I got everything to live for
I got pocketful of miracles 

Another day in paradise
I can't even earn a quarter, to save my life
It's always raining in my neighborhood
Lord I feel like crying out loud, if only I could, if only I could 


 I can find all the answers, right here blowing in the wind
If I could understand all that matters
I could be a better man

Right around the corner it's my turn to win now
Always had it in my hand, always had it in my hand 


I remember what my mother said
All you get in life is time, all you get is one time
All you get is one time to get it right
Got to get it right 

 My pockets full of miracles, so full of miracles
Was Always in my hand, now I understand
My pockets full of miracles, yea
All you get is time, just to get it right, all you get is time, you got to get it right