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The Midnite Rum Orchestra

On the seven mile beach in Negril Jamaica two musical entrepreneurs enjoying the sun and spiritual libations shared their musical ideas and unfinished creative works. A promise was made to get together back in the states to audition some old school songwriting and record making. Recording sessions turned into all night conversations about the pursuit of rock ‘n’ roll happiness. They wrote, they recorded, they made records. The bond was secured. 

The Midnite Rum Orchestra was born.

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Nigel Video 07-2020

The Midnite Rumsters kick out another in ya face born again rocker guaranteed to crank your mind into overdrive!”

— Nigel - self proclaimed British rock pirate.

All night conversations about the pursuit of rock ‘n’ roll happiness.

Good showering music and stuff. One of my favorites”

Uncle Salty

The Midnite Rum Orchestra

Voodoo Shakedown - A back woods New Orleans jingle I think you'll like.”


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