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Voodoo Shakedown CD Reviewed 




by Rick Tvedt at Local Sounds Magazine

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"MRO succeeds in taking an old-school approach and making it sound fresh, with fat tones and strong arrangements"

"The album never gets derivative, however. It’s just good singin’ and good playin’ with ample melodic hooks."

Rick Tvedt

Better World Dropped August 20th 2020 

The boys recently returned from a recording weekend in Tierra del Fuego. Tony even got to fly the jet when Cap'n Ginger used the loo. The weekend creativity led to a rocking reggaefied tune Better World. A song about the state of the world seen through their eyes and how they can help make it good for everyone.



The paparazzi were out in force and caught the boys taking a break after 17 hours of recording.




New MRO music dropping Tuesday July 14th, 2020 


Are you ready for it?

The boys have been in the studio over the last few months writing and recording new MRO music. Their first release "Can't Stop Losing" will drop next week Tuesday July 14th, 2020.

One the boys closet friends and infamous personalities Nigel, a self proclaimed British rock pirate stated in a recent interview "this song is a in ya face born again rocker guaranteed to crank your mind into overdrive!"

America Word Video Released 

We're all too smart cause we're educated, highly trained and sophisticated 
We have all the answers yet not a clue, guilty as charged is a point of view

America, united we stand
America, one nation, together

Tonight on Triple M 

Tonight on the Local Hour at 8, remembering Club De Wash--including an exclusive tribute from Willy Porter. Plus Trailer Kings, Cubby Tracy's new project Midnite Rum Orchestra, The Jimmys and more!